FNL in 2019-2020: a calendar of games, teams

The FNL games calendar for the 2019-2020 season is compiled taking into account weather conditions and the wishes of the majority of the tournament participants. Many people call the second most powerful football league in Russia a “swamp”, but even skeptics admit that lately the entertainment of matches has increased, and unpredictable results have become much greater. For many fans from not the largest and richest football traditions cities, the FNL 2019-2020 will be the only competition where they can personally support their home team by coming to the stadium or sitting on TV watching a match.

Tournament Regulations

The rules of the FNL 2019-2020, however, like the Premier League, remained unchanged, although before the start of the championship there were a lot of rumors about the composition of the participants and about possible innovations. The most daring suggested that the games of the second football league will launch the VAR system, but this certainly will not happen in the new season. The start of the FNL 2019-2020 is scheduled for July 7, and the last round will be held on May 16. Before leaving for the winter break, which will happen on November 23, each team must hold 25 games. The first part of the season involves three intense segments, during which 3 rounds will take place over 10 days (July 20-28, August 10-18, October 19-27). Championship will resume in the spring of March 9. For teams that took 3rd and 4th place in the FNL standings, butt matches are foreseen with the Premier League clubs on May 21 and 24, 2020.

The winner and vice-champion of the FNL 2019-2020 go directly to the Premier League, where they will fight with the best clubs in Russia. Third and fourth place gives the right to play in butt games for access to the Premier League. Joints are held in two circles, that is, one match will be played at home, and one on the opponent’s field. Clubs that find themselves in the last five places (from 16 to 20) in the FNL 2019-2020 standings are sent to the PFL: each in their own regional zone. Last season, the fate of many football teams in the relegation zone was decided in the last 2-3 rounds, which makes the tournament even more interesting.

All FNL members

According to the results of the last season, the composition of the FNL 2019-2020 participants was to replenish the Yenisei (Krasnoyarsk) and Anzhi (Makhachkala) departed from the Premier League. If everything is in order with the Krasnoyarsk people - they will try to return to the Premier League again, then the club from Makhachkala will probably cease to exist and will not be able to show up even in the PFL. The fact is that the Anji project has accumulated 1.5 billion debts to football players and creditors, as a result of which the club will go through bankruptcy proceedings. Sadly, the bronze medalist of the Russian championship, a participant in the final of the Cup of Russia, for which Roberto Carlos and Samuel Eto'o once played, is unlikely to be reborn.

Due to the non-participation of Anji and FC Sakhalin, which did not submit an application for licensing, the FNL retained the registration of Baltika and Fakel. Despite the fact that in the past season they took 16th and 17th places respectively, the tournament organizers provided them with a "wild card". The full list of FNL teams 2019-2020 is presented below:

Club name






"Labor reserves"

11 300




5 700




35 000




15 000



Stadium "Krasnodar"

3 500




10 200



"Mordovia Arena"

44 000




3 200

"Nizhny Novgorod"

Nizhny Novgorod

"Nizhny Novgorod"

45 200



"Volgograd Arena"

45 500



"Stadium named after Lenin"

15 200

Spartak 2


"Stadium named after Cherenkov"

3 100

The textile worker


The textile worker

9 500




10 000



"Stadium named after E. Streltsov"

13 450



"Central stadium of trade unions"

32 750



"Khimki Arena"

18 600



Olimp-2 (Rostov-on-Don)

15 800



Sports town Luzhniki

2 600




22 900

It is noteworthy that the geography of the tournament stretched from the westernmost point of Russia, where Baltika (Kaliningrad) plays, to almost its easternmost part, where Luch is based (Vladivostok). For an in-person meeting, these clubs have to cover a distance exceeding 10,000 km. The Spartak-2 and Krasnodar-2 teams are affiliated to the main clubs. They are deprived of the right to enter the Premier League and are staffed mainly by promising youth.

Tournament calendar

The schedule of matches of the first round of the FNL 2019-2020 is as follows:

the date of the



07. 07. 2019

"The Seagull" - "Chertanovo"

Rostov-on-Don, "Olipm-2"

07. 07. 2019

Torch - Torpedo

Voronezh, "Central stadium of trade unions"

07. 07. 2019

Baltika - Spartak-2

Kaliningrad, Kaliningrad

07. 07. 2019

SKA-Khabarovsk - Shinnik

Khabarovsk, "Lenin Stadium"

07. 07. 2019

Mordovia - Neftekhimik

Mordovia, "Mordovia Arena"

07. 07. 2019

Nizhny Novgorod - Tom

Nizhny Novgorod, "Nizhny Novgorod"

07. 07. 2019

"Ray" - "Khimki"

Khabarovsk, "Lenin Stadium"

07. 07. 2019

Vanguard - Rotor

Kursk, "Labor reserves"

07. 07. 2019

"Textile Worker" - "Yenisei"

Ivanovo, The Textile Worker

09. 07. 2019

Armavir - Krasnodar-2

Armavir, "Youth"

Special attention deserves the meeting of “Nizhny Novgorod” - “Tom”. These clubs last season participated in butt games and, unfortunately, their fans did not qualify for the big league. In the upcoming FNL season, teams will probably set goals to enter the country's football elite from the first two places. Another interesting meeting of "The Seagull" - "Chertanovo". Last season, the Moscow club stopped a step away from play-offs: only 1 point was missing, which gives additional motivation in the upcoming draw. In Khabarovsk, the local SKA will host Shinnik. In the past season, these teams were divided by only 2 points, and only a few points were not enough for the joints.

Contenders for victory

In the summer, during the off season, there were no high-profile transfers at the FNL, but this did not make the competition any less uncompromising. In general, the level of clubs is approximately the same, except for the following teams in terms of infrastructure and composition:

· "Yenisei" (Krasnoyarsk);

· "Nizhny Novgorod";

· "Mordovia";

· "Chertanovo";

· "Ray".

It is these clubs that the majority of experts recorded in the clear favorites of the championship. As practice shows, making predictions for the FNL is a thankless task, since any team can “shoot” in the tournament. This is evidenced by the past season, when the gap between the third and seventh place in the FNL standings was only 6 points. The upcoming rally promises an even tighter confrontation, and the battle for the coveted two trips to the elite will be hot.

Thus, the new season of the FNL 2019-2020 starts on July 7th and lasts until May 16th. Football lovers expect 38 rounds, with each team meeting with opponents from the standings two times - at home and away. In the upcoming draw, fans will witness uncompromising confrontation, beautiful goals and unpredictable results.