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2018 Hyundai Sonata

One of the most anticipated novelties of 2020 will be the new Hyundai Sonata and we offer to find out more about what characteristics the novelty will receive when the car appears in Europe and in Russia, as well as what will be the starting price of the 8th generation model. The history of the model Korean car manufacturers do not cease to amaze their fans.

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Mysteries for the New Year 2020

New Year is always a pleasant excitement in anticipation of guests, gifts, fulfillment of desires. Children, like adults, cannot wait until midnight — the only magical night of the year. In order for the time to fly faster on New Year's Eve, and besides, it’s not boring and beneficial for the development of children, parents must prepare in advance entertainment for kids and adults.

Futsal World Cup 2020

Football unites millions. It doesn’t matter in what form: playing on a large field with a green lawn or meeting on a small platform in the hall. According to FIFA statistics, thirty million people are engaged in futsal worldwide. There are no weather restrictions for indoor soccer. You can play in the rain, snow, wind, at any time of the year.

New Lexus 2019-2020

The Japanese company Lexus chose to move on a new path of development in a futuristic format. Cars of this brand are distinguished by their elegance and price, due to the high quality of the parts used. The latest Lexus 2019-2020 is already beginning to appear on the roads in different countries.

Full moon and new moon in april 2020

For its cycle of 28 days, the moon of the Earth passes through 4 main phases. The greatest influence on people, animals, plants, and the ebb-tides of the waters are the full moon and the new moon. The second month of spring is a period of apparent awakening of all the forces of nature. It is full of surprises, so it is advisable to find out in advance what date the full moon is in April 2020.

Abolition of maternity capital in 2020

The government helps the main cells of society in Russia to acquire their own housing. This is expressed not only in the construction of budget housing economy class. Subsidies from the state for the purchase, construction and repair of apartments and houses are also provided. The state support program was called maternity capital.

Clinical examination 2020

It is difficult to say whether the introduction of the medical examination was a genuine concern for the population, but still people began to undergo the examination more often. Moreover, folk flows divorced by year of birth, reducing the number of people undergoing inspection at the same time. The medical examination in 2020 in Russia will take place almost according to the previous rules, although not everyone is aware of when and what can be examined for free.

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The budget policy of Russia for 2019-2020

In the budget policy of the Russian Federation for 2019-2020, there is an installation to minimize government spending and correctly use the taxes received in order to maximize the country's economic development. This task should not be hindered by either external or internal factors. But, most likely, in order to ensure the necessary amount of funds in the budget, some social programs will have to be closed.

Pregnancy calendar for 2019-2020

Doctors say that it is impossible to plan the sex of the future baby with absolute accuracy. Despite this, many couples, especially those who have at least one child, will need a pregnancy calendar to find out the date when in 2019-2020 they can conceive a baby of a certain gender. The gender of the baby depends on which sperm fertilized the egg.

New Kia 2019-2020 models

The Korean automobile company KIA has gained great popularity and gained a good reputation among fans thanks to the release of high-quality cars at affordable prices. To always be in trend, KIA continues to update the lineup of cars, making them even more comfortable, reliable and modern.

What will bring us 2020

According to the stories of talented forecasters, 2020 will bring big changes. And this is no coincidence, because the number of the year is mystical. In order for him to bring prosperity and good fortune, he must be met correctly. The end of the decade. The coming year concludes the second decade of the new century. The figure is mystical and symbolic, on which people have high hopes.

Prosecutor's Inspection Plan for 2020

The consolidated audit plan for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs is approved by the Prosecutor General's Office at the end of each year for the next. Planning for the first and second half of 2020 will be approved simultaneously taking into account the latest changes in legislation. What the law says According to the law, the prosecutor's office must check the legal entities and bodies that control their activities for compliance with the law.

What will be 2020

The coming 2020 for each person promises to make its own changes. It will be a year of decisive action, when you have to leave doubts behind, moving forward towards your goals. If you begin to doubt your abilities, get ready for unexpected turns. Stars promise success only to hardworking people.

Themes and essay outline for social science exam in 2020

As a subject of choice for the exam in 2020, you plan to take social science - we suggest finding out what topics you can meet in task No. 29 (mini-essay), and what should be the plan for an ideal essay (examples of 6-point essays and the correct argument). Everything related to the format and rules of the exam for society, as well as the system for assessing work and the test calendar of the 2019-2020 academic year, can be found in the article "Unified State Examination in Social Studies in 2020".

Labor Protection Day 2020

Occupational Safety Day replenished the list of official celebrations relatively recently, but gained recognition and gained popularity in dozens of countries. The history of the emergence and dissemination of World Labor Safety Day Every year in developing countries, industry is flourishing and improving: new devices, machine tools and tools are appearing that reduce production time and improve the accuracy of the performance and quality of the final product.

Retirement age increase in 2020

For the beautiful half of the country's population, the increase in the retirement age in 2020 will be reduced by 3 years - the head of state made adjustments to the age thresholds for retirement and proposed a number of adjustments. In the regions, work has begun to bring local laws in line with federal ones. Raising the retirement age in Russia: the table The first pensioners in the transition period will be men born in early 1959 - they will be able to stop working and get the right to receive benefits in the first six months of next year.

Lunar calendar haircuts for November 2020

The moon affects many, if not all, aspects of our lives. She controls the tides, the weather, our well-being. Gardeners plant their plantings on the lunar calendar, and then harvest. Our hair is no exception - the concentration of human strength, energy. It is on the lunar calendar that we determine favorable days for a haircut in November 2020.

Horoscope for 2020

Time is fleeting. Years fly one by one and the horoscope for 2020 is already available for all to see. All the signs of the zodiac have a special surprise, which fate will present in the most important period of life. Aries Aries will have to curb its ruffian character in 2020, to become a little more loyal. The Mistress of the Year Rat does not tolerate audacity, therefore success can be achieved through breaking her character.

Fare in Moscow metro in 2020

While there is no information that the fare in the Moscow metro in 2020 will change. But this fall, residents and guests of the capital will be able to use a non-contact payment method in all types of public transport. How much does public transport cost and how will it change from January 1 At the beginning of this millennium in Moscow metro began to use a single ticket.